Welcome to Art & Dance!

Our company presents the best traditions in the sphere of Art & Dance events. During some years we serve our clients on the top level with the great pleasure. Growing up from the small shoe retailer, we built a stable business construction which helps our clients to achieve their goals in different private and business directions.

There are three main business projects of Art & Dance today. Each business project developed as a separate structure, however all of them are add to each other. All projects are easy accessed in customers accounts. They are combined with Art & Dance smart systems and tools, such as: Tax free, customers loyalty bonuses, discount system, tracking of purchases and many others.

The most convenient invention is the smart customers loyalty system - all the registered users get 10% from each online purchase. After the payment, bonuses are available to be spent with the next purchase. Registered users have a lot of benefits from Art & Dance and partners, however the process of purchasing is also available without registration in guest mode. Guest mode is an express way to get the service without filling out a lot of information.


Event Photos

Event photo is the online and offline express photo print service. It is easy to find our stands on all big events in EU and Asia. Quick printed and digital photos are very popular among our customers.

It is available today, as usual, on event directly and online at our website. Customers can find photos from the last round at all the screens of our event stand, within few minutes after this. No matters if it is necessary to get prints or digital, as our stands are fully equipped with both variants to satisfy all customer needs.

It is also possible to work with event photos later at home. All previews are at the website online, and available to download now more quickly in automatic mode. Some of the most luxury events are closed for any stands, so photos will be only online right after the event.


Online store

Event online store is something new and fresh. This resource helps our customers to order any branded product online with delivery to the event they choose. It works as easy as most of the world online stores, but it is invented especially for dancers.

All events with Art & Dance stand are published at the website. It is very convenient to choose any future event for free product delivery or check the last update of photos from the previous events in one interface. Returns and exchanges for prepaid and delivered products are also possible, according EU law and the policy of our company published online.

The best online store feature for our business customers is the private service. It is possible to order online any product, even if it is not in Art & Dance store list. In this case, our company will work for the customer individually, but with all Art & Dance tools, such as loyalty bonuses and Tax free.


Event adverts

Event advertisement  is B2B project which helps business to find the most optimal way to promote products and services. Cooperation with the best Art & Dance world events, provides a range of very important opportunities. With addition of private service and individual approach, this service becomes an advertisement outsourcing of the highest quality for the business.

After some years of gathering statistics we found optimal solutions for all business models of our clients. We know how to advertise any products among Art & Dance auditory with right costs. Besides that, we always advise our clients the smartest way for logistics and taxation, as for the most important cost stages of enrolling customers production on the market.

We wish all our partners and clients big success and will be very happy to see them soon at our event stands and online store!

With kind regards to all!
Art & Dance team